Development Blog #3

This week went okay. I was under hours and so were a decent chunk of the team due to a pretty bad QA mix up. A lot of people made a lot of assumptions and we ended up barely being able to test our game. I’ll give props to Kayla for working through the frustration; I know how painful a QA session like that can be. Personally, I ended up scrounging through documentation to spruce up or update to get some more hours but it was still not much. Unfortunately, my week wasn’t very heavy in the first place and my ability to test the game (one of my major tasks) was unavailable until Sunday. Apparently, some people thought I was supposed to bug fix the game at that time too which is kinda crazy since I haven’t touched the code for abilities yet.

Despite the week not ending on a great note, I still am really enjoying working with this team. They’ve focused me a lot on monolith kit design which is definitely my strongest interest on the project. I’ve been spending a lot of time documenting and not really running into many issues other than design concerns. It’s tough to try and design a bunch of things that will be implemented with so little QA feedback on what we currently have but I’m trying to keep things on track. I have a few concerns about certain aspects of the project that I plan to bring up this week but that’s difficult. A lot of the group, especially the programmers, have been so swamped that they haven’t been able to do much else other than their tasks. So on top of that, I don’t want to mention that certain things need to be changed and/or added on top of what they did. I think the best course of action is to bring it up to Andrew, the lead designer, and let him parse that information out to the rest of the leads during the meetings. There’s definitely a disconnect between the disciplines right now which I hope we can mend; it would really help our overall communication.

This is my first time not being a lead on a project so I’m trying to just feel it out for right now. Parts of me want to take action and take charge on certain issues but it doesn’t feel right. I’m still not fully acclimated to having this huge group sectioned off so I think I just need to spend some more time listening before I can say how I fit into the group.

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