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Development Blog #5

Since spring break, things have been very slow with the production process. That’s for a good reason though, having been quarantined due to an unexpected pandemic. After weeks, we’ve started to get back to work again but it’s obvious that people are having a hard time working from home and technical limitations constantly plague us.Continue reading “Development Blog #5”

Development Blog #4

This week felt like my most productive week yet. I was always barely making the 12 hour quota and felt like I never had enough to do but I managed to go over it and get some meaningful stuff done. I finally got my hands into the scripts themselves and it was a bit overwhelmingContinue reading “Development Blog #4”

Development Blog #3

This week went okay. I was under hours and so were a decent chunk of the team due to a pretty bad QA mix up. A lot of people made a lot of assumptions and we ended up barely being able to test our game. I’ll give props to Kayla for working through the frustration;Continue reading “Development Blog #3”

Development Blog #2

After being integrated with the new team for a few weeks, the cogs are starting to really start spinning. The first couple weeks were slow, trying to find spots to put people and familiarizing the new members with pre-existing concepts and systems. Now that the onboarding process has ended, us new members have had theContinue reading “Development Blog #2”

Development Blog #1

So far, I’ve enjoyed my first week on Fowl Machinations. I didn’t really know much about monolithic when I was assigned to the team so the first week was specifically meant for onboarding. I spent a lot of time playing the game either by myself (in sandbox mode) or with others. When the week started,Continue reading “Development Blog #1”

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