Development Blog #5

Since spring break, things have been very slow with the production process. That’s for a good reason though, having been quarantined due to an unexpected pandemic. After weeks, we’ve started to get back to work again but it’s obvious that people are having a hard time working from home and technical limitations constantly plague us. Hours have been universally low but I’ve tried to keep any concerns about where we’ll end up to the leads; they have a better idea of our scope anyhow. It’s hard to present a game in it’s best form when you’re behind on schedule and have to release, considering we still have many game breaking bugs and parts of the game that aren’t completed yet.

Personally, I’ve felt pretty useless on the team recently with the technical issues I’ve encountered. I hope I haven’t upset my group too much in this process but working from home has brought many challenges. I’m hoping that this week is going to work better though, with more direction and less issues in the foreseeable future. I’ve been assigned to work on play testing which I think is a good use of my talents. I feel I have a good critical eye and can make good suggestions on how to fix game feel issues. A part of me feels like the team keeps just giving me busy work to give me hours instead of anything important but I’ve been trying to get past those negative feelings. We only have 3 or so weeks left so getting negative isn’t gonna help at all; it’s hard enough to be in a good mood with everything going on in the world. 

This team is very nice. Everyone is very supportive and works very cohesively. I feel only one of our leads is on the blunter side when it comes to giving feedback but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. They could use a little more tact because, despite not being in the cross hair, it feels like it would be upsetting to get talked to like that.  I do worry that the group is being too supportive and not calling me out on faults that I’ve made though. These are the types of worries that I have with groups; that they won’t be able to communicate with me and I won’t be able to improve without that feedback. I’m just gonna continue to do my best and keep asking if there is more I can do to finish off this semester.

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